Founded in 1999 on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, Ase Academy is an academic and cultural enrichment program serving Philadelphia area middle and high school students. The founding group of Penn students recognized the opportunity to invite students to campus on Saturdays and create a nurturing space where they could work in small groups and discussion-based seminars on culturally relevant, college preparatory activities. These Penn students being exceptional performance artists in addition to scholars, positioned arts as a core component of the Ase model, helping students develop new talents and possibilities in a holistic way. What truly drives Ase are the close connections established among the college student staff working together the plan and manage the activities, the staff and students learning and growing together, the parents that support Ase (even after their children complete high school), and the student participants who make the commitment to be a part of this unique experience each Saturday.

As Ase looks back over its fifteen years, we invite you to view our Ten Year Anniversary video.


We also invite you to Like Ase on Facebook,  where we share information about the program in addition to important stories about education, social justice, and community empowerment.

Contact Ase Academy at:

mail @ aseacademy.org

(215) 573-0823
3601 Locust Walk, Suite G17
Philadelphia, PA  19104
(c/o Makuu: The Black Cultural Center, University of Pennsylvania)


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